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Please Sir, Can I Have Some More: Making the Most Of Your 7 Day Free Trial

"Hi there, my free trial is up tomorrow and I don't really think I've got to grips with the product yet, please can I have an extension on my trial?"

At least once a week we receive an email from a user who has signed up for the software but hasn't had the time to figure it all out. To help you along we have prepared a checklist so you don't run into the 'begging bowl' problem like our friend Oliver.

Checklist for Ecanvasser 7 Day Trial

  • What are your Campaign goals? As a Campaign Manager, you should always try to be realistic.
  • Have you a team assembled to help you? You will need to know who is working on this campaign both in the office and out in the field.

  • Have you got your hands on the voter list? Maybe you have access to a voter file that has been updated over the years or perhaps you have recently purchased one.

  • Do you know the important dates relevant to your campaign? Being aware of rallies, debates, interviews and so on will be important when you are organizing canvassing.

  • **Sign up for a tutorial with one of our product experts.

  • Segment your Voter file into small, maintainable groups. This will help when you are cutting turfs.

  • Assign specific tasks, talking points and surveys to team members. If the team is well versed in their objectives, they will be happier and more confident.

  • Download the app for the Ecanvasser software immediately and familiarize yourself with the layout. If you don't become proficient in how the mobile apps and the dashboard work, then how will your team? Don't worry, we will always be available to help.

  • Arrange a training day for your volunteers/canvassers within the first week of the trial.

  • Lastly, be prepared to share. Share across your social media channels your experiences using the software, share with us here at Ecanvasser HQ. Basically, GET VOCAL!

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