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Integration Update: CallHub and Ecanvasser

Phone and field campaigning

Exciting news for anyone who is running a field + phone campaign this year. Industry leaders in the phonebanking and SMS space, CallHub, have integrated with Ecanvasser.
Ecanvasser’s powerful CRM system and field canvassing apps are the perfect command centre for any election campaign but, up until now, phonebanking and SMS outreach to voters had to be managed separately.

How does it work?

Now campaigners can connect their Ecanvasser and CallHub accounts to seamlessly manage data between platforms. What does that mean? It means that you can now sync across lists of voters from Ecanvasser that need to be contacted by phone or SMS. When you’ve spoken with a voter, why not build on that relationship and contact them by phone or SMS just before election day? CallHub also supports, text followups within their call center which also helps you reach your constituents with SMS if you failed to reach them with a call. This also helps to engage them with a followup text after a successful conversation.

This is an integration built and supported by the Ecanvasser team. If you need help getting set up with this integration, or have any questions, please contact the team!

If you’d like the technical run down on the integration you can access our support page on the topic here.

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