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How To Be The Best Candidate For The Job

Being a likable candidate isn’t alway the answer

Many people do not like Donald Trump (Just look at #CovfefeGate) , this doesn’t change the fact that he is now the most powerful man in the world and was voted in by millions. Frightening, isn’t it? Was it because Hillary Clinton was less likable or does likability even factor?

Nice guys finish last and the proof is in some of our elected representatives.

So, are we saying all politicians are horrible? Of course not, what we are saying is that being a politician requires you to have a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’. We’ve done our research and here a few things you will need if you think you want to run for office.

Appeal to varied groups of voters

Recent elections have shown that more and more candidates have been trying very hard to appeal to varied demographics and ages to earn votes. Increased emphasis on the importance of voter targeting gives the smarter, more attuned candidate a better chance of succeeding in an election than the candidate who doesn’t focus their voter outreach.

Obama’s campaign in 2008 was the first Presidential campaign that took each segment of US society and appealed to them uniquely. His team did this through political technology which allowed the Obama team to learn exactly what made voters tick. How you appeal to younger voters may not be the same as how you would appeal to Hispanic voters. Using enhanced voter targeting, the candidate can have more rounded campaign messaging and put in place policies which resonate better with voters.

Grow a Backbone

Today’s generation of voters can spot a weakness in any public figure and so they admire candidates who appear confident. Candidates with backbones, regardless of their position on the political spectrum are seen as leaders when compared to a candidate who might wilt at the first sign of confrontation. To be seen as a potential leader you must possess this quality. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the UK Labour party has been pilloried in the media since Theresa May announced the snap election back in March. Corbyn, although under massive scrutiny, has not given up, instead he and his team have organized a very impressive door-to-door campaign called #LabourDoorstep. He has won himself many fans with such a steely resilience despite how the media continue to depict him.

Intelligent staff members

Speaking of planning impressive door to door campaigns, this is where a solid team around you becomes important. It is essential to gather a specialized and politically driven staff that help you run an honest political campaign in elections. Political campaign staff are usually the people who formulate and implement the strategy needed to win an election. Many people have made careers out of working full-time for campaigns and groups that support them. However, in other campaigns, much of the staff might be unpaid volunteers.

It is therefore important that you assemble a team who all share the same goals as you. Successful campaigns usually require a campaign manager to coordinate the campaign's operations. Apart from a candidate, the campaign manager is often a campaign's most visible leader.


Political candidates who try new things and keep an eye on the trends are the ones that voters want to back. Be it in social media or digital tech, showing an interest in the latest innovations is what the best candidates have done. Here are a few political software we think will benefit you this election season:




If you are a candiidate and have found something you feel your campaign couldn't operate without, we would love to hear about it.

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