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Product feature release: Canvasser tracking

Tracking canvasser movements and activity is a necessary part of any field canvassing operations. In an ideal world, you could trust the process and take people at their word that they are doing the work. These days, however, there are greater things at risk, financially and even from a security point of view - you need to know where people are.

When we released canvasser tracking back in December, not even we could have predicted the great feedback we got about this specific piece of functionality. People were delighted to see their canvassers in real-time and get that level of detail that up until then had not been available to them.

So to the technical part, how can I understand my canvasser tracking tab?

The Canvasser Activity page provides an audit trail helping you to ensure that your canvassers were at the correct location when a canvass was logged.


From all this, you can highlight any individual location icon to find out the exact distance between the canvasser and house when the activity was logged.

A level of safety is also introduced, as you will now be able to view the last reported location of an individual canvasser.


This new feature available on the Ecanvasser dashboard is beneficial for large campaigns who employ their canvassers. This can sometimes be high risk so knowing that you can track performance is something that puts Campaigns managers minds at ease.

For those campaigns who worry that their volunteers may not like being tracked, a simple adjustment on Location toggle on the mobile device will render this functionality void.

If you are interested in seeing Ecanvasser's latest feature, sign up for a free trial here today.

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