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Product Release: Essentials

Ecanvasser Essentials will change the way you see campaigns

Campaigning is a cyclical business. One month you are marshalling hundreds of supporters knocking on doors and the next you are assessing your campaign in the aftermath of election victory or defeat. We understand that campaigns can be active or dormant and so we've released a brand new Ecanvasser plan that now lets you work at all stages of your campaign journey.

Ecanvasser Essentials allows you to set up a campaign well in advance of election day and make sure you have your data set up correctly, your activists onboarded and ready, and your research done with the electorate so you know exactly how to start your campaign.

Ecanvasser Essentials, in conjunction with our other flexible pricing plans, allow you to scale up your campaign by adding additional price plans when your campaign demands it. Equally, you can downgrade your plan to Essentials after election day thereby maintaining all of the great work you did with voters and supporters so you are ready for the next run for office.

Ecanvassser Essentials gives Ecanvasser customers

- access to their entire dashboard as with any price plan

- full control over their voter database and relationship management

- use of Ecanvasser Go canvassing apps for location-based canvassing

- casework manager for constituent services between election campaigns

- the ability to onboard supporters and activists easily

The cyclical nature of campaigning has come to an end with the arrival of Ecanvasser Essentials giving you the tools to build your grassroots campaigns early for maximum impact, and the ability to bridge across from election cycle to election cycle without losing the intelligence you have built up.

Oh, and the best bit is that Ecanvasser Essentials is just $19 monthly or $180 annually. That's a whole lot of campaign power for such a small price tag.

Talk to us today to discuss how it might work for you.

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