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Update: March Madness

The start of a new year means more improvements on our end. We love listening to our users give feedback and it's even better when we can put these changes into action. Some upcoming releases to the Ecanvasser software can be seen below.

Talking Points Per Team

When canvassers meet people on a canvass, the talking points can sometimes be a blessing if you tend to lose track during a conversation. What we have noticed more and more is that having numerous talking points, while handy, sometimes doesn’t make sense if they are specific to a certain area or group of people.

With our latest update, you are now able to share specific talking points with certain teams. So if Team A only canvasses a certain area, only share the relevant talking points. It allows for a more focused canvass.

Survey Per Team

Just like the specific talking points per team, we will now able to have a specific survey per team. You simply decide who you want to create a survey for and then go make it.

Filter By Exact Age

Another useful release will be the long-awaited filter by age function on the main people page. So if you want to segment your voters by age, you now can use the filter box on the left-hand side.

Canvasser Overview

This just makes sense to us. It was something that was dragged down the line for some time but finally, we can bring a simple canvasser overview from the Team page. Replacing the activity feed with this new sleeker way of viewing what your canvasser has done will reduce headaches, we guarantee it.

So on the navigation bar, go to the team page and then you will see all your canvassers. Simply click on a name and voila, you can see all their work. This isn’t an addition with the idea of catching anybody out but merely to make sure the standards of your canvassers and in turn the campaign managers stay as high as possible.

If you would like to know more about getting the most out of your canvass, why not sign up below.

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