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Update: We have moved to user pricing and here's why!

Back when Ecanvasser was starting out and fast became the go-to solution for people who did political door to door canvassing, we operated off the presumption that the more doors you knocked the better chances you had of getting elected. Fast forward 7 years or so and we now work with more than political candidates.

We have learned so much from our users over the last 12 months and how to help them succeed! The community organisers, the union leaders, the salesmen, the advocacy heroes and the non-profit groups - all of you do so much more with less.


A key change to the pricing model is the introduction of active licences or per-user seats on each of the plans. An active user is someone who is actively campaigning or managing the organization from either the Ecanvasser dashboard or mobile apps. You can have unlimited inactive users on your account that can be upgraded and downgraded from active status as necessary. This gives your organization the flexibility to campaign smarter and use resources and manpower as and when necessary. All users, whether they are active or inactive, are maintained and managed from our member directory which is central control.

Interested in understanding your user licenses, check out our support page here.

Current users - we got you!

At Ecanvasser our product strategy is simple: we listen to our customers and only build features that they need to succeed. Our new pricing WILL NOT affect current paying customers. Our customers are our partners in this long journey.

So, it doesn’t mean you are limited in any way - it just means you activate the people when they need to be active. It’s a smarter way of organising and growing in our eyes.

This flexible way of scaling up and scaling down means that when your users are on, they are really ON.  You should no longer be adding unengaged users into your organisation and paying for the privilege of holding them. We want you to get members active when it matters. Interested in speaking with a member of our team about using our system, please book a time here.

For more information on the Members Directory, click here.

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