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Feature Release: Customized Canvassing Screens

Build Your Canvassing App Interface

For field directors and campaign teams, the ability to set up the canvassing app used by field operatives is a key requirement. Ecanvasser has just released updated functionality to help field directors customize the canvass screen to perfectly reflect what information canvassers need to capture from voters.

Campaigns will, by default, have certain fields show on the canvass screen. However, if the campaign team wants to change these fields they can.

Depending on your preference, you can place the most important information at the top of your screen. In this way canvassers can concentrate on the personal interaction and be sure that the canvass screen will direct them to get the right data.

Building a canvassing operation that perfectly reflects your campaign objectives is something every field director or campaign manager wants and Custom Canvass Screens with Ecanvasser delivers that.

Are you an Ecanvasser user? Check out a simple demo we did last week below

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