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Integration Update: Salesforce and Ecanvasser

Data-driven campaigning with Salesforce and Ecanvasser

Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM system is now integrated with the world’s best face-to-face canvassing app, Ecanvasser. If your organization uses Salesforce and wants to capture data from face-to-face conversations including surveys, contact information or any other data point then you should be excited about this.

Who would use this?

Political organizations, advocacy groups, NGO’s and companies all place huge value on the data they get in face-to-face conversations but up until now this data was usually captured after-the-fact in notes, or not at all. Now you can put incredible canvassing apps in the hands of all your activists/team members/staff and make sure your database is updated in real-time.

  • Drive your election campaign outreach with this innovative integration by putting it in the hands of your canvassers.
  • Build people power in your community by giving it to your activists at events or community engagements.
  • Increase productivity in your field sales teams by tracking and monitoring everything that happens in the field.

By connecting Salesforce and Ecanvasser through API integration, organizations take the grassroots input and turn it into more informed, impactful policy decisions. Let’s take a closer look under the integration hood.

Map your fields

You may map any field from your Ecanvasser database to any field on your Salesforce Contacts - even custom fields.


Configure your Salesforce account

You can do this by going to the setup page and click the object manager under the objects and field section. From here you can find the canvass object


From the canvass object you can select each field that need to see in the canvass form under fields and relationships.


To grant permission to view that canvass field simply click on set field-level security and click the checkbox for the profile(s). Don’t forget to save!

You can view all canvass activity with the canvass view. This is done on page layouts where you can drag and drop any field that is of interest from the top to the canvass detail area

canvass activity

Canvass tab

By adding the canvass tab to the main navigation you can watch all the grassroots activity pull through across the campaign.


This is an integration built and supported by the Ecanvasser team. If you need help getting set up with this integration, or have any questions, please contact the team!

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