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5 Tips for Running a Smooth Constituency Office with

We have worked with a wide variety of campaigns over the years. We have worked with the first time candidate, the fifth term Councillor, and the senior parliamentary party member. Each have their own style of managing their respective constituents or voters issues.

As a result we decided to share a few tips we've picked up over the past while on how Ecanvasser can help with the workload in a busy constituency office.

Before we get started on the tips, we develop Ecanvasser based on our users feedback and suggestions. It's the only way we see on how we're going to grow a successful software business. Over the last 6 months we have been making a conscious effort to build out our constituent services feature set. We're not finished. Nonetheless, we are very proud of what we've built to date.

1. Decide the voter queries that need to be worked on first

Filter each query based on when it came into the system. Do you want to only deal with queries from yesterday that came via email? Simply create that filter.

2. Check the details of the queries

Read through the query that came in and decide who is best in the office to deal with the issue. Perhaps Jerry is better at dealing with transport issues over Tom? Assign the issue to Jerry.

3. Time to prioritise the assigned issues

Now that the issues have been assigned to the right point people. It's time to start prioritising the workload. Simply click the level of importance to each issue and if you have started working on the issue select the status to be in review.

4. Logging actions taken on the issue

For each action taken make sure to log a note under the issue timeline to keep on top of the workload.

5. Making sure the issues don't get lost between the cracks

To ensure the issue doesn't get forgotten or closed. Create reminders at set intervals so you can ensure a timely conclusion to the issue that benefits the office and most importantly the constituent.

Be sure to set the status to be answered or resolved!

We hope that you will benefit from these tips. Every office is different so some, none or all of these may work for you. If you have any suggestions of your own or follow up questions.
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