Import your voter database in .XLS or .CSV, or direct from NationBuilder


Use our filters to segment your voter database


Voter segments that can be assigned to team members or used for follow up work


Get organized by inviting team members to your campaign with our email invite.


Use our filters to segment your voter database

Permission Settings

Team members can be given permissions that suit their function from Campaign Manager to Canvasser


Our map page allows you to easily understand your constituency and see progress


The People page allows you to manage voter outreach and organization


Our integration with NationBuilder syncs information both ways for the perfect field accompaniment


Mobile App

Data collection in the field from any iOS or Android device

Automatic Sync

Data syncs every minute from your device when connected


Create groups to canvass either through geographic turfs or voter segments and assign them to teams


Visualize your voters and navigate your canvass by map view

Custom Fields

Capture the custom data that really matters to your campaign

5-Star Reception

Get the temperatureof your voters simply with our 5-star reception rating system


Capture rich data on your voters or do simple polling

Issue Tracking

Take down specific issues on the doorstep and follow up with our lightweight CRM system

Talking Points

Keep your canvassers on-message with talking points

Work Offline

If you are out of coverage you can continue to collect data on your device and sync back when you have coverage



See your key metrics laid out in graphic format

Turf Analytics

See where your strongholds are, identify key areas

Custom Field Analytics

Every campaign is different - so see at a glance what is

Survey Analytics

Understand your voters in detail

Canvasser Tracking

Set targets for your team and track them in real-time

Follow Up

Documents Store

All campaign materials in one place - Leaflets, images, documents


Create segments of voters based on information during outreach

Issue Tracker

Never lose an issue raised by a voter and assign it to a team member for follow up


Cut through to your voters by tagging issues when they arise

Email Blast

Keep in touch with voters by email to affirm your message