Ecanvasser has everything you need to organize your next outreach program

Features that save you time to run smarter, more effective campaigns

Ditch paper lists and outdated systems for easy to use mobile apps

  • Run a field canvassing campaign with Ecanvasser Walk app
    Plan your field operations by following our maps or list view.
  • Run a conversation based campaign that bridges offline & online with SMS & phone calling
    Our apps allow your teams to canvass in-person, by phone or SMS with a fully customized canvass UI
  • Capture offline surveys with the Ecanvasser Go app
    Street canvassing, new member recruitment and relational organizing can all be managed with the simple yet powerful Go app
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Organize your own data

  • Flexible & powerful data importer
    Our easy-to-use import tool allows you to import and append from xls, csv or directly via integration with one of our integration partners
  • Advanced filtering & segmenting tools
    Advanced database management including segmentation, list creation and easy exporting
  • Bring your database to life
    Map your existing database providing a visual representation of your community and use our turf cutting tools to create outreach lists
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Team management made easy

  • Build your community of organizers
    Visualize your team membership based on IP address or last-known location and allow team members to update their profile information
  • Invite team members easily
    Invite new team members with one click by email or phone number. Simply toggle team members to Active when they are actively campaigning in the field or on your dashboard
  • View team productivity reports in real-time
    View your team's activity and productivity easily. Create and assign work centrally or locally
Ecanvasser Team Management

Drag and drop mobile canvassing app builder

  • Create custom fields to capture any data point
    Capture the data that matters to you by creating Custom Fields or importing from your own database
  • Build your mobile app around specific campaign goals
    A new Effort should be created when you wish to interact with the contacts in your database on a separate topic or campaign such as rounds of canvassing or volunteer recruitment
  • Rank and customise each interaction with your own 5 stars
    Tailor the five star rating functionality on your app to capture what is most important to you
Drag & Drop feature

Elevate your organisation to the next level with Events

  • Alert your team easily when new events are happening
    Build and design your next event quick and easy. Effortless event registration with push notifications to ensure your team members never miss an event again
  • Get creative when it comes to event types
    Works with any event type- in-person, online, phone canvassing or recruitment drives. Create hybrid events with Ecanvasser
  • Keep privacy and security a No.1 priority
    Team members can attend events and keep their identity private from other attendees online. RSVP securely.
Private & Secure Events

Take the guesswork out of field organizing

  • Know exactly where your canvassers are in the field
    See where your teams are and what they have been doing in real-time. Increase security and productivity tracking insights
  • Share key updates with your team
    Direct your teams in the community with tailored Talking Points to outline campaign messaging, protocols or push teams to action
  • Create surveys and push them to your field team in a click
    Survey your community in detail on our Walk or Go apps to understand what people are thinking on specific issues
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Make better decisions with real-time analytics

  • Advanced team reports and leaderboard
    Compare and contrast team activities for greater productivity insights
  • Get a campaign analytics breakdown
    Assess different campaigns in terms of data gathered and effectiveness
  • Easily export the data for more in depth reporting
    Visualize the data captured in the community and export to third-party analytics tools as necessary
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Industry leading privacy tools & advanced permission controls

  • Customize permission controls that mirror your team setup
    Invite team members with one of eight permission levels and customize as necessary
  • Privacy first data collection workflows
    Anonymize the data collected in outreach when campaigns are finished so you retain the insights but protect your community
  • Easily capture consent with a signature
    Capture consent to further contact when interacting with people for data privacy purposes
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Be more responsive with a modern help desk system

  • Easily capture issues for efficient follow up
    All of our mobile apps enable you to capture issues at local meetings, on doorsteps or even from social media. These issues from your community are synced directly for follow up in help desk.
  • Log internal notes & email
    Your team can log internal notes and email the supporter back & forth so no conversation can slip between the cracks.
  • Quickly prioritise and assign tickets
    Assign a file to a team member and indicate a priority level so the casework can be processed directly from the Ecanvasser dashboard.
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