Run more organized, effective campaigns

Ecanvasser's mobile apps and dashboard work together to grow your supporter base, streamline your campaign management, and get better results for your organization.

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A complete ecosystem for campaign management

Ecanvassser's organizing dashboard and mobile apps work in sync to send and receive canvassing data, organize your teams, and activate your supporters

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Walk App

Canvassing made simple

Eliminate paper lists, simplify your campaign organization, and bridge the gaps in communication between your canvassers and your community.

The Walk App makes canvassing an enjoyable and productive experience for your teams – and for your supporters.

Go App

Build stronger relationships with your community

Capture supporter data online and offline with Ecanvasser's flexible, easy to use Go App.

Use your existing database, or start from scratch to create polls and surveys that help you engage with and understand your community on a deeper level.

Organizing Dashboard

Centralized data and campaign management

Ecanvasser's central dashboard makes it easy to import and organize your supporter and team data – enabling you to filter and segment your member base and streamline your campaign efforts.

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Segment and visualize contacts with location mapping and segmenting
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Track progress in the field with real-time analytics and custom reports
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Efficiently gather and respond to questions from the field to build lasting relationships with your community

Rest easy with Ecanvasser's advanced security, privacy, and compliance tools

Ecanvasser's CRM ensures complete data protection and compliance, to keep your community data safe and build trust with your supporters.

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Respond faster to issues and data breaches
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Keep compliant with data protection obligations
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Assign permissions and access to data for specific people in your organization
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Capture digital signatures on the go with Ecanvasser's E-Signature feature
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