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The 20 Best Campaign Softwares

Political campaign software

Political parties and activist campaigns across the world are changing in response to technological changes in the way citizens and voters interact with the world around them. In every capital and regional centre political parties are asking themselves the same questions:
How do we build a community engagement strategy? How can we build our party membership? What should our digital strategy be? How do we win election?

Check out our guide to the political campaign software and tools that we are seeing to be effective for parties and politicians.


1. Slack - If you haven’t used Slack before it's just a really great way for teams to communicate. It has a laptop interface that allows teams to share messages, documents, images and so on for fantastic office communications. It also has a great mobile app that allows you to connect all your field workers into the loop. You can create channels in Slack for, say, Precinct #4 Field Team, or Voter Issues, and in this way keep on top of all aspects of your campaign communications in a clean way. Oh, and it’s entirely free until a certain threshold of messages have been sent (but you’re unlikely to hit that in a normal campaign).

2. Youtube - Youtube needs no introduction but it makes our list because so much content online is being consumed in video format. Candidates need to be in front of camera explaining their message and responding to what comes up on the campaign trail. These videos can be shared through social media and email subsequently. Youtube is a free product unless you want to promote your videos. Check out our own Youtube channnel here.

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