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How to campaign through a pandemic

Digital campaigning

In a lockdown scenario where canvassing may not be possible campaigns are going to have to leverage their most valuable asset, their network. Learning how to campaign through the pandemic safely is the defining challenge of 2020. Here's how relational organizing works:

  1. Set up your Ecanvasser campaign
  2. Invite your campaign team and strong supporters by email or phone to Ecanvasser Go app (doesn't have to be many people)
  3. Each one of these people adds a new person from their family or relations that is also a strong supporter (the campaign just didn't know it)
  4. Each one of these people is then invited and the cycle continues building campaign supporters by referral

When full campaigning resumes (as it will) you have built a strong core of supporters through the app that you can now call on to support you and help you reach even more people by door-knocking with Ecanvasser Walk app or by phone canvassing.

Innovation 2020 means fighting the virus at its own game and building the campaign underground from one person to the next.

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